Lazy N Ranch

Family owned and operated ranch in Moody Texas.
Farmers market, country store and more coming soon.

Welcome to the Lazy-N-Ranch

 Our ranch is located in Central Texas

 Ranch hand or couple needed 

 We are looking for a live in ranch hand or couple. They must be able to pass a background check and have references.

 We will trade the rent for help on the ranch, you will have to pay a partial electric bill if you use an air conditioner and supply your own food. I can work around your work schedule if needed and the work is not real hard.

 Our preferences


  • We would prefer that any applicant have a vehicle.
  • Be clean and organized
  • Do not ever lie to us or steal from us
  • You will sign a waiver of eviction time 
  • No felony convictions
  • No sex offenders
  • No phone interviews


   If you would like to schedule an interview, call Wayne at 254.633.0587

 If you have had trouble with the law before just be honest and tell us, we will not rule out a person who has a record it will depend on what type of trouble you had.










Our horses

 We have three horses now, Uno our ranch horse, Cricket and our shetland Rooster.R


We got our first horses from Mike Delano at bar 5 Destiny Horses. Mike is a good friend and very knowledgable about horses. Bar 5 Destiny Horses

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